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Standard Repairs and Reconditioned Units are warranted to be free from defect in workmanship and materials under normal conditions for a period of twelve months (12) from date received.

Before sending the item, contact A Plus Winding Service, Inc. to determine if the item is within the warranty period.

  • A Plus Winding Service, Inc. must be given notice of the defect and original installation date.
  • Warranty applies only to failures occurring due to parts installed or labor performed by A Plus Winding Service, Inc.
  • If any previous alterations have been done to the equipment (other than by A Plus Winding Service, Inc.) The Warranty will be voided out.
  • The equipment should be operated under normal load and usage conditions and relatively clean environment. In addition the defects must not have occurred from improper installation.
  • A Plus Winding Service, Inc. will not and does not pay or reimburse any travel expenses, service calls and anything other than the item under warranty.

Limitations and Exclusions

Under no circumstances will A Plus Winding Service, Inc. be liable for any indirect, third party, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary expenses, costs, liability, loss or damage whatsoever in any connection with the use and misuse of, or inability to use the warranty item. No dealer, agent, or purchasers are authorized to modify this warranty or make any changes to their warranties, other than the warranty stated above. The accepted quotation, purchase order, and invoice represent the ENTIRE AGREEMENT between A Plus Winding Service, Inc. and the Purchaser.

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